Hi, I’m Alan and I love beer. Hi, I’m Jerrica and I love Beer.

Our favourite thing to do with friends has always been to head to a local brewery and taste their newest inventions. While living in Ontario and travelling to the US, we had the chance to visit hundreds of unique taprooms. The thing we loved most about our favourite breweries, was the sense of community and warmth that we felt when having a beer in a taproom directly where the beer is made. We always wished Moncton had a place like this, and as newlyweds missing home, we started dreaming up an idea. A few pints (maybe a bit more than a few) and many nights of planning later, we packed our bags and hit the road heading East in search of the perfect property that we could call home to our new brewery.

We visited lots (lots!!) of properties in search of the perfect space, but the Tire Shack always stood out. What’s not to love about an iconic auto-garage in Downtown, Moncton (Fun Fact: A Lot!!....if you look closely you can actually see our tears in the concrete). In all seriousness though it was a very rewarding project and an incredible experience. After numerous name ideas and months of calling the space the Tire Shack we couldn’t imagine calling it anything else. It always was and always will be the Tire Shack and we are very excited to show you what we’ve done with the place! With the help of many handy family members and friends, we broke ground in December 2018 and started making our dream a reality. Sounds easy right? NOPE!! Looking back it seems to us that we must have been crazy to attempt to convert an abandoned auto-garage into a craft brewery, but thankfully we are extremely stubborn people and kept pressing ahead. What got us through all of those sleepless nights was a desire to share our love of beer with all of you. To us, beer is something you enjoy with friends after a long day, it’s something you get excited about, something that takes you on a flavour adventure you never thought possible, something that is full of history and tradition and something that is always new and never boring. We aim to push the boundaries of what beer can be and we hope that you can feel our love for beer and for the space when you walk into the Tire Shack. We literally poured our heart and souls into every aspect of this project, and as much fun as we had getting here, the most important thing to us is that when you come in, you enjoy it as much as we do. We hope to see you soon!